A Journey in Color: Ombré Wedding Cakes

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The eye loves to travel and though a simple concept, it is a powerful one. The progression from light to dark gives the eye an irresistible journey to follow. Nature displays some of the most gorgeous ombré scenes on a daily basis if you take a moment to look: The sky at dawn and dusk, the water from shallow to deep, spring leaves from thick to thin. Because they are made of many layers, cakes are an artist’s playground when it comes to ombré shading, and it can be a great wedding theme as long as you don’t overdo it. Choose a few key elements for your ombré details, such as the cake and bridesmaid dresses or centerpieces, and perhaps one smaller detail such as stationery or favor packaging. May these artfully made ombré cakes inspire you! See our cake gallery for even more inspiration

blue ombre wedding cake maggie austin

Ombré noun (äm-brē): having colors or tones that shade into each other — in which the color is graduated from light to dark.
deep blue ombre cake and ocean
dark violet blue ombre flower cake
aqua mint ombre cake sea
purple plum ruffle ombre cake, maggie austin
rose pink ombre cake
red petal ombre cake
orange sunset ombre cake
lemon yellow ombre cake

A Journey in Color: Ombré Wedding Cakes 3

Blue Ruffle Cake: Maggie Austin Cake / Blue Ocean: Tumbler + Blue Slice: Pinterest / Blue Violet Flowers Cake: Maggie Austin Cake / Aqua Ocean: Ben Liney Photography + Aqua Mint Cake: Bobbette & Belle / Plum Ruffle Cake: Maggie Austin Cake / Archduke Charles Rose: Aimee Major + Rose Pink Cake: Bobbette & Belle / Red Petal Cake: Maggie Austin Cake / Orange Sunset: Still Asleep + Orange Sunset Cake: Pinterest / Lemon Yellow Ruffle Cake: Wings of Glory Photography

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