10 Natural Perfumes for Your Naturally Gorgeous Wedding Day

by in — Updated March 12, 2014

Finding a special scent to wear on your wedding day is a beautiful way to start a new chapter in your life, and every time you smell it or wear it after that, you’ll be reminded of your special day. We recommend ditching any synthetic fragrances you might own, and instead find an all natural perfume that doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals. What goes on your skin goes in your body – even if it’s just a spritz! Real fragrances, made from essential oils and absolutes, flower extracts, and botanicals can evoke a sense of well-being and happiness without risking your health, or that of those around you. These perfumes also make great bridesmaid gifts, can be used to scent your invitations, and of course make for a great item to pack for your honeymoon.

In the premier issue of our print magazine I listed a dozen natural scents that I’ve tried and am particularly fond of for a special occasion, some of which are also organic and/or vegan.  The ones below are from that list. You can see the full article in our print or digital issue, and can find more in depth reviews of some of these over on Sweet Violet Beauty.

Natural Perfumes 1-5

Tsi-La Organics: Misaki – organic eau de parfum. $95 fo 50ml, tsilaorganics.com

Forager Botanicals: Bloom – all natural eau de parfum, $120 for 2 oz., foragerbotanicals.com

Lotus Wei: Infinite Love – Organic Perfume. $45 fo 10ml, lotuswei.com

Tallulah Jane: Leotie – natural eau de parfum. $48 for 1 oz., tallulahjanenyc.com

Jurlique: Essence of Rose – natural Roll-On. $22 for 11ml, jurlique.com

Natural Perfumes 6-10

Osmia Organics: Prima – perfume oil. $75 for .28 oz., osmiaorganics.com

Pure Natural Diva: Natural – Botanical Perfume. $100 for 1.69 oz., pndbotanicals.com

Sonoma Scent Studio: Cocoa Sandalwood – natural Perfume. $125 for 34 ml, sonomascentstudio.com

Pacifica: French Lilac – natural Roll-On. $12 for 10ml, pacificaperfume.com

Phoenix Botanicals: Night Bloom – Solid Botanical Perfume in Floral Compact. $68for .25oz, phoenixbotanicals.com


Why “Fragrance” is Harmful
It can be difficult to navigate the world of perfume. What exactly should you be looking for?Researching what qualifies as a safe perfume can be quite extensive, but for starters when looking at the ingredient list, steer clear of those including“fragrance (parfum).”  This generic term is used without describing what is actually in the compound and typically indicates synthetic fragrance which can cause headaches among many other health issues. Fragrances can cause phototoxic or photoallergic reactions and are a known human immune system toxicant or allergen. xoxo – Naomi

Learn more at www.ewg.org/skindeep

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