Wedding Inspiration Board #13: Love Birds

by in — Updated August 26, 2013

Finding the perfect wedding theme can be both difficult and rewarding. I was inspired to create this inspiration board after meeting a woman who owned a dozen Doves that she released at weddings. Traditionally, Doves are symbols of love and peace…and it doesn’t stop there. Lovebird’s exhibit strong, monogamous pair bonding and spend hours of time enjoying each others company. The romance behind this sentiment has been translated into nuptial celebrations as an adaptable and trendy theme. Try adding various size bird cages as table centerpieces or card holders and have your guests throw birdseed instead of rice! 

Wedding Inspiration Board #13: Love Birds 7

 Wedding Inspiration Board #13: Love Birds 9

Cake Toppers: Illuminate my Event   / Couple: Amy Majors Photography / Birdcage with flowers: Confetti Day Dreams  / Cupcakes: Pinterest / Bouquet: BeautySpot on Etsy  / Dove: Katie Lamb Photography / Birdhouse favors: Ruffled Blog  / Earrings: Autumn and Grace Bridal on Etsy  / Invitations: Designs in Paper  / Rings: Joe Elario Photography / Cake: Pinterest

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