Insect Inspired Jewelry

by in — Updated May 28, 2013

I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend! With the sun returned to the skies of Vermont I found myself outside studying beetles on my walk yesterday… that’s right, beetles. There are some really pretty ones out there! It piqued my interest in insect jewelry and after scouring the web I found there is actually a lot of insect inspired pieces out there – some of it creepy crawly, some of it beautiful – my finds below are the latter in my opinion. For the nature inspired bride, a butterfly ring, honeybee necklace, or dragonfly pin might just be the perfect finishing touch. And I know the Alexander McQueen shoes aren’t exactly jewelry, but they’re too cool not to include!

silk butterfly necklace jewelera
moth pearl ring
honeybee amber necklace
blake lively in lanvin
alexander mcqueen butterfly shoes
sterling silver butterfly ring
honeybee earrings, ring, pin
dragonfly brooch

Insect Inspired Jewelry 3

1) Jewelera via Pinterest  2) photograph by Eric Daigle  3) Extra Rouge (tumblr)  4) Smithsonian Store  5) Shop Ruche  6) Blake Lively in Lanvin  7) Alexander McQueen 2011  8) iatzil  9) Paperself via Pinterest  10) Honeybee Stud Earrings by Alex Monroe  11) That Perfect Something  12) Buckle  13) Dragonfly brooch by Luna Parc

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  1. I absolutely love these pieces! I think these earring in third photo are absolutely stunning! I love them! I have an amber pendant with a honeybee that I love so much! I wear it all the time.


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