Fuchsia Bouquets to Brighten Your Day!

by in — Updated April 20, 2015

We’re loving fuchsia today! This vibrant purplish reddish pink (named after the flower of the fuchsia plant) is perfect for spring and summer weddings. Some fuchsia shades are darker than others depending on whether they tend toward the red or blue side of the spectrum. Peonies seemed to be a common theme as I was searching around the web for a handful of inspiration – the many-petaled blooms can often be found in shades of fuchsia. But there are also roses, dahlias, daisies, orchids and so many others (don’t forget berries!). Have fun looking through and I hope you find these bouquets as inspiring as I do!

ashleighjayne.com , poppyandmintfloral.com burnettsboards By Emily B and photographed by Sandra Costello Photography clayton austin Ethereal-Autumn-Style-in-Vermont-Ampersand-Wedding-Photography-15 Fuchsia Bouquets to Brighten Your Day! 38 flowertalk.net.au, hazelbuckley.co.uk Fuchsia wedding bouquet inspiration 1 Heirloom_Collective_Poppy and Mint Floral lorikennedy.co, laceandliliesflowers.com Marcy Blum and Nancy Liu Chin (aka, some of the best in the biz) with Stephanie Pool behind the lens Navy-+-Pink-Shenandoah-Arboretum-Wedding-Gayle-Driver-Photography-5 Perez PhotographyThorn Bird Floral Boutique, Khaki Bedford Photography vi smp


1) Ashleigh Jayne, Poppy and Mint Floral  2) via Burnett’s Boards  3) By Emily B, Sandra Costello Photography  4) Clayton Austin  5) Ampersand Wedding Photography, see the shoot here  6) Scarlett & Grace, Milou + Olin Photography  7) Flower Talk, Hazel Buckley Photography  8) Pinterest  9) Heirloom Collective, Poppy and Mint Floral  10) Lace and Lilies Flowers, Lori Kennedy  11) Marcy Blum and Nancy Lui Chin, Stephanie Pool  13) Gayle Driver Photography, see the wedding here  14) Perez Photography  15) Thorn Bird Floral Boutique, Khaki Bedford Photography via Style Me Pretty

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