Wedding Flower Inspiration: Hellebores

by in — Updated March 8, 2013

This mid-winter flower is seductively alluring throughout the dreariest months of the year. Hellebores start flowering as early as February and though, to my knowledge, breeders are still in pursuit of a pure-white hellebore, they can be found in a wide range of solid colors (including pink, mauve, burgundy, yellow, green and even black ) as well as being beautifully speckled, bi-colored, or veined. I am unwaveringly charmed by these perennials and see enormous potential when it comes to including them in wedding arrangements. Their slightly downturned, buttercup-like blooms look gorgeous as accent flowers in an organically arranged bouquet, and you can also float the cut blooms in a shallow bowl of water, making for an unusual centerpiece.

Light Pink Hellebores
Hellebore boutonnieres
Hellebore wedding bouquet
Hellebore wedding
Hellebore colors
Hellebore wedding cake
Hellebore petals
pink hellebore
hellebore centerpiece

See more stunning hellebore portraits at Studio ‘g’

Wedding Flower Inspiration: Hellebores 3

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