Favorites from the Peter Langner 2016 Collection

by in — Updated January 26, 2016

I was really intrigued by Peter Langner’s 2016 Bridal Collection and thought I’d share some of my favorites with you today! This Milan-based designer hadn’t really been on my radar until I saw this collection. In particular it was the Angelica and Edith gowns, with their swan-like grace and feathery lightness about them that drew me in to examine the rest of these elegant and innovative designs. This collection feels very different from his 2015 one and in my opinion goes above and beyond his previous designs. They’re modern and sophisticated, yet feminine and natural. Which are your favorites below?

ANGELICA (2)Angelica


Angelica and Edith gowns

EDITH - CopiaEdith

ANNE - CopiaAnne

ANNE (3) - Copia - CopiaAnne

BIANCA DUE (2)Bianca

CATHERINE (2)Catherine

CATHERINE WITHOUT BOLERO (5)Catherine without Bolero

EMMA - CopiaEmma

EMMA (3)Emma

LEILA (2)Leila

LEILA (5)Leila

PENELOPE (2)Penelope

PENELOPE (3)Penolope

RACHEL DUE - CopiaRachel Due

RACHEL DUE (3) - Copia - Copia - CopiaRachel Due

RENEE (2)Renee

ROSE - CopiaRose

ROSE (2)Rose

SHANA (2)Shana

SHANA (3) - CopiaShana


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