Dusty Miller Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

by in — Updated October 3, 2013

Base foliage probably isn’t the first thing you think of when envisioning your wedding bouquet, but it is an important element that creates a market fresh feel and can also provide support for other stems in your arrangement. Today we take a look at one standout base foliage in particular, Dusty Miller. This plant is a favorite because it looks good with almost anything. The silvery color contrasts beautifully with dark, vibrant blossoms and also compliments the palest of blooms as well.  The leaves of this perennial plant are covered with fine hairs giving them a soft, velvety appearance and also their silvery white color. Though it is not edible, it does have a lovely herbal appearance. Some varieties, as you’ll see below are lacier than others, which create a more delicate look. And though Dusty Miller is known for accenting other plants, it can be a star all on its own, as seen in this first photo below. See more bouquet inspiration in our flower gallery.

bouquet made entirely from dusty miller
hydrangea and dusty miller bouquet
silver and green wedding bouquets
purple and green bouquet with dusty miller and ferns
pink peony and dusty miller bouquet
bright pink and dusty miller bouquet
yellow peony and dusty miller
silvery bouquet with dusty miller
dusty miller boutonniere
pale bouquet with dusty miller and lilies

Dusty Miller Wedding Bouquet Inspiration 3

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