4 Ways To Use Dream Catchers In Your Wedding Decor

by in — Updated July 16, 2017

4 Ways To Use Dream Catchers In Your Wedding Decor 5

The tradition of dream catchers has been traced back to the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe. They are were widely adopted by many Native American tribes, and today many people love and use dream catchers. These charms are believed to capture the bad dreams that float through the night air. Dream catchers symbolize a blessing for those that they protect. Dream catchers make beautiful symbols for wedding ceremonies, because they trap negativity and honor positive intent. What a perfect blessing for a day that begins a life-long union! Here are some creative ways to use dream catchers in your wedding decor.

1. Guest Book

dream catcher guest book
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Have your guests sign a beautiful dream catcher, which you can later frame and display in your home. This is a whimsical twist on the guest book tradition, and might be perfect for your laid-back boho wedding.

2. Amazing Altar

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The ring of a dream catcher represents the earth, and once the webbing is added a dream catcher stands for honesty, purity and love.  What a beautiful backdrop for you as you say your vows!

3. Spirited Seating  Cards

dream catcher favor
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This place setting is graced with a charming tiny dream catcher. I am sure your guests would take them home and hang them up! The blue of the ribbons perfectly match the floral design beneath the plate, which is a lovely touch!

4. Little Lights

Dream Catcher Wedding | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog
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Dream catchers above tables, hung from tent ceilings or trees, and dotted with lovely lights make the perfect addition to your decoration scheme. For a cute addition to your dreamy theme, use these free printable constellation table numbers. If you have seating that is out in the open, you could create an arbor with natural elements, and place it in an open area.  Hang your dream catchers from the arbor. This would provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding party photo shoots!

I love these ideas because they keep the traditional dream catcher design intact, and yet are so creative! I love dream catcher decor that is open to the air on both sides, so that the dream catchers can do their work and bless the spirit of your event. Who knows what intentions are floating around! Might as well make sure that they are all positive with these beautiful suspended blessings. What do you think about the tradition of dream catchers? Do you believe that they serve a purpose, or do you simply love the way they look? Let me know in the comments below!

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