Bright and Beautiful DIY Butterfly Cake Toppers

by in — Updated October 26, 2017
Bright and Beautiful DIY Butterfly Cake Toppers 1

Butterflies are a symbol of renewal, hope and life. Beautiful and bright D.I.Y. crepe paper butterflies look gorgeous on top of spring-toned wedding cakes. Here’s how you can make these sweet cake toppers yourself!

You will need some floral wire, crepe paper in bright colors (choose at least two tones), markers, paint, bamboo skewers or toothpicks, and a glue gun. Royal blue butterflies might look great with your something-blue accessories!

Bright and Beautiful DIY Butterfly Cake Toppers 3

Cut the crepe paper into a shape that looks like a square and a circle that have been slightly overlapped. Fold the circle in the middle so that it is squeezed into a point at the center of the circle. This will be the upper wing. Do the same with the bottom square for the lower wings. Hold this in place with floral wire.

Decorate around the edges of your butterfly wings with markers and paint. Glue your butterfly to the end of your wooden stick of choice. I think that these beautiful butterflies would look great at a spring-time wedding! Don’t you? Leave a comment below!


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