What is Circus By Sam Edelman?

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Release your inner rebellious side with edgy boots, ballet shoes, sandals, loafers, and other popular types of shoes!

What is Circus By Sam Edelman? 29

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Finding a pair of shoes that releases the real and true inner you can be exhilarating, especially if you’re looking to get into high-fashion. Exhibiting your inner rebellious side (when it comes to shoes of course!) is very common, and you can find anything from combat boots, loafers, sandals, or anything that can add a type of edge to any outfit, if paired with the right clothing.

Circus by Sam Edelman takes his high-end fashion brand and turns it into an edgy and trendsetting look for many who are looking to make a statement with what they wear. Everything from his signature boots, ballet shoes, loafers, sandals can be found that add a certain spice to any outfit.

Consider checking out more of Circus by Sam Edelman, the best shoes to get, and what this brand is all about!

What is Circus By Sam Edelman?

Learn more about this contemporary brand looking to make a rebellious statement with their shoes!

What is Circus By Sam Edelman? 31

Circus by Sam Edelman creates and sells everything from boots, sandals, heels, loafers, and even ballet flats. Image courtesy of InStyle.

Circus by Sam Edelman puts a spin on his own brand and creates an edge that looks perfect for anyone looking to be daring no matter where they go.

Who is Sam Edelman?

In 2004, Sam Edelman created his own self-named brand, selling shoes stemming from the current hottest trends. His brand took off due to its unique shoes and the affordable price point, which has made his brand one of the most popular in the high-end fashion industry today.

Sam Edelman has since continued to create imaginative and trending shoes every season that are featured on some of the hottest magazines around, and even on many celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez, and Halle Berry.

He has continued to be a creative visionary and has set the standards for many in the fashion industry with popular contemporary shoe styles.

What Makes Circus By Sam Edelman So Unique?

Circus by Sam Edelman is his other brand that is aimed towards individuals who wish to make a statement and standout. It is a contemporary lifestyle brand that is inspired by modern street fashion, is not afraid to make a statement, and allows the customer to create a look that speaks to them and embraces their own fashion trends.

Every pair of boots, heels, sandals, loafers, ballet flats, and other iconic styles of Circus by Sam Edelman’s is craftily made with high-quality materials and in styles, colors, and patterns that are currently trending.

Libby Edelman, Sam Edelman’s wife, has helped him create and launch his brand, alongside helping him to look for the best current styles that are trending. She plays a pivotal role in Circus by Sam Edelman where she helps to create a story with his collections through her photography skills and a hands-on creative approach to marketing the shoes, bringing them to life.

How Much Does Circus By Sam Edelman Cost?

Circus by Sam Edelman may be a high-end shoe company, but they try to incorporate affordable prices so that everyone who is a fan of high-fashion can afford their shoes.

Any of their ballet flats, loafers, heels, boots, and other popular styles can typically cost anywhere from $90 to $120, which is much more affordable compared to many other brands where you can pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for some good shoes.

Customers can also save more money by signing up for their mailing list where you can get 15% off of your first order through Circus by Sam Edelman.

The Hottest Circus By Sam Edelman Looks to Grab

Circus by Sam Edelman offers a ton of affordably edgy and fun looks to snag for any season!

What is Circus By Sam Edelman? 33

Circus by Sam Edelman offers affordable options for shoes of all styles and sizes with a fun twist to create the ultimate look that expresses your style. Image courtesy of YouTube.

When choosing the best pair of shoes to express your style, there is none quite like Circus by Sam Edelman and their funky edge. There are a few pairs of Sam Edelman shoes in his Circus line that you won’t want to miss out on and add to your collection to stand out from the crowd.

Circus By Sam Edelman Sandals

What is Circus By Sam Edelman? 35

Circus by Sam Edelman features some fun chunky platform heels that make for a fun, vintage look. Image courtesy of Circus by Sam Edelman.

Sometimes a chunky platform heel is the way to go whenever you’re looking to upgrade your style and give it a fun and playful edge. The Audrea Platform Heels created by Circus by Sam Edelman gives off vintage vibes that will portray you as stepping out of a moment in time.

With a 5.5 inch heel, a platform of 1.6 inches, open toe, and comfortable velvet fabric, the Audrea Platform Heels are a pair you will want to add to your collection ASAP!

Circus By Sam Edelman Ballet Flats

What is Circus By Sam Edelman? 37

The perfect pair of ballet flats by Circus by Sam Edelman can give a soft look to any outfit no matter the time of year. Image courtesy of Circus by Sam Edelman.

A pair of flats can be added to any outfit to give it a softer look and even make it more comfortable for your feet as well. Circus by Sam Edelman has created the perfect pair of flats, called the Zuri Strap Ballet Flats that make you feel like a ballerina, but without the requirements of one to wear these fashion forward shoes.

The Zuri Strap Ballet Flats make for the finishing touch on any outfit that is comfortable to wear all year round, and make for the perfect spring and summertime shoes. Coming in light pink, black, ted, gold, orchid, and emerald, these ballet flats feature a flat profile with a dainty bow detail to add a ballet-chic aesthetic to any outfit you wear with them.

Circus By Sam Edelman Loafers

What is Circus By Sam Edelman? 39

Circus by Sam Edelman creates many unique pairs of loafers to wear for any professional setting, or to add a fun edge to your outfit. Image courtesy of Circus by Sam Edelman.

Sometimes a pair of chunky loafers are all you need to add to your collection to make for an edgy school aesthetic. Circus by Sam Edelman has created the Nellie Mary Jane Loafers, which are known for being chunky, and perfect to add to your collection to give you a cool lift, and can also be worn with any outfit you wear.

The Nellie Mary Jane Loafers features a 2.8 inch heel, a platform height of 1.4 inches, a square toe, and are made out of a synthetic and fabric material with a comfortable insole for all-day wear.

Circus By Sam Edelman Boots

What is Circus By Sam Edelman? 41

Sometimes a pair of boots can complete any look no matter what outfit you add them to. Image courtesy of Circus by Sam Edelman.

Circus by Sam Edelman is mainly known for the boots that they create— they make sleek and sophisticated pairs, andeven ones that give off a rebellious look. One of the most popular pairs of boots made by Circus By Sam Edelman are the Mindy Boots due to their modern look and feel.

Many people love the Mindy Boots because of the trendsetting style and shape that they are, featuring an ankle height with a square toe, which gives off a fun and playful cowboy look. These boots feature a 2.75 inch heel, a 4.5 inch boot shaft with a pointed toe, and are made of synthetic material, including the insoles. These boots also come in black, black bronze, and silver colors.

Finding the best pair of shoes to add to any outfit can upgrade your style and give your look a finishing touch. Circus by Sam Edelman helps to provide edgy, yet fashionable looks that can make any outfit better and give it a rebellious vibe.

Consider purchasing a pair of Circus by Sam Edelman boots, loafers, ballet flats, or sandals today!


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