Botanical Winter Wedding Cakes

by in — Updated March 27, 2017

If you’re planning a winter wedding and looking for ideas for an elegant cake that incorporates natural beauty and refined, organic style then you’re going to love these wedding cakes. Pretty neutrals and metallic accents keep these cakes wintry yet not overdone or tacky, and delicate botanical details provide that nature inspired charm even if you’re indoors sipping cocoa with your guests to keep warm. If you opt to decorate with real flowers, choose ones in-season, or known for blooming in late winter or early spring in your region. Hellebore, snowdrops, and lilies come to mind. Of course, simple evergreens, ivy, or leaves are timeless and chic any season.

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1) Sugarbelle Cakes, photo by When He Found Her  2) Nelle Cakes, photo by Yolande Marx  3) Erica O’Brien  4) The Cocoa Cakery  5) The Caketress  6) Maggie Austin Cake 7) Cake-ology  8-9) Maggie Austin Cake  10) Cloudberry Bakery  11) The Cake Whisperer  12) Sweet Cheeks Baking  13) Nadia & Co. Art & Pastry

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