12 Rustic Autumn Wedding Cakes you’ll Love

by in — Updated October 19, 2015

The beauty of rusticity is that the word ‘rustic’ can describe an entire spectrum of nature inspired style with one end of the spectrum being rough and rugged and the other end more refined and subtle. Autumn, on some level, seems to bring out the rustic chic in all of us. Here I’ve collected a dozen rustic cakes to inspire your autumn celebration, and they fall on many different places of that spectrum. You might opt for a more simple design, say with a single fall colored bloom, or a design decked out in mini pumpkins and orange, yellow, and red leaves. Regardless, you’ll be embracing the gorgeous fall season and adding a festive and beautiful addition to your décor and dessert table.

orange and red fall wedding cake
autumn fruit wedding cake
fall gold wedding cake
gold peach pink wedding cake
unfrosted fig cherry autumn cake
whimsical fall wedding cakes
simple fall wedding cake red

12 Rustic Autumn Wedding Cakes you’ll Love 3

1) Yummy Cupcakes, photo by Leah Kua  2) Weddings A Beautiful  3) Wedding Bee  4) Jose Villa Photo via Belle the Magazine  5) Pinterest  6) Lael Cakes  7) via Fab Mood  8) Pinterest  9) via Luxe Event Productions  10) Konditor Meister  11-12) Pinterest

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