10 Tips to make an Unforgettable Wedding for your guests

by in — Updated August 27, 2019

10 Tips to make an Unforgettable Wedding for your guests 13

Every bride wants to create an unforgettable wedding experience for their guests! It’s never easy to know where to start, but perhaps it’s best to start with the couple. What are the key things, characteristics that represent you both as individuals and as a couple? Do you have shared interests with your guests that you can incorporate into the big day for example? Jot these ideas down together and then go through my top 10 tips for creating an unforgettable day, tailoring and personalising as much as you can!

1. Get a wedding planner!

Sometimes it is worth investing in dedicated resource to help you plan and coordinate your big day. Planning makes perfect after all! You’ll need to understand what your key milestones are in order to meet your overall planning objectives.  If you can’t afford a wedding planner, at the very least invest in a planning guide.

2. Find a non-traditional Venue

Try something different with a unique feature or story to share with your guests. Whilst a man is house may be traditional, a castle or converted cave will get your guests talking more. After all, it’s not every day you get to dine in a cave!

Once you’ve sorted out your venue, choose your wedding invitations as soon as you can! These will be expected to not only be stylish but represent your style as a couple. You can also take this opportunity to order matching wedding reply cards so your guests can RSVP in style!

3. Theme

Whatever you choose make it consistent and coordinated. Pay attention to detail! You don’t have to choose bright colours and you don’t have to have a specific themed event. Some of the most unforgettable weddings have relied on very neutral colours. Guests were more impressed by the planning that went into the smallest of details. Personalised notes to guests or even photo collages of your guests or your favourite memories of you and your guests all contribute to an unforgettable event.

Great lighting can really set off the theme for your big day. Explore your options and possibly consider creating a light show. Depending on your venue, location and time of year, this is a great alternative to fireworks.

10 Tips to make an Unforgettable Wedding for your guests 15

4. Transport to the Venue

Couples all around the globe are opting for non- traditional transport! Think open air buses, sports cars and even helicopters! Arriving in style doesn’t have to mean arriving in a Bentley anymore. You have free reign to arrive by Ferrari, or Elephant if you choose.

5. Favours

These are a fantastic way to thank your guests for attending and to make them feel especially included within your big day plans. A personalised, thoughtful favour truly adds to an unforgettable day.

You’d be surprised at the choices available online. Personalised gin sets are very popular, but you could just as easily choose personalised wine, seeds for your guests to grow or something simple like potted jam.

6. DJ

If your guests love a bit of music, make sure you plan enough time in your day for good music. It’s proven that music can affect your mood so choose music that will strongly influence the mood of your big day! A lot of couples choose classical music for the ceremony and often move on to light hearted, fun, upbeat music for the reception. Again, think about what your guests will like.

7. Dance Floor

Once you’ve sorted out your music and the overall mood for the festivities, you’ll need to decide very early on whether you want your guests to be able to get up and dance at your wedding reception. If you do choose to plan around dancing and a bit of a party to celebrate your nuptials, don’t forget to plan space for your dance floor.

8. Personalised Cocktails

Most guests will tell you that, ironically, the most unforgettable weddings have included an open bar of some sort. At the very least, a generous amount of money behind the bar or welcome drinks will set the mood and tone with your guests. They’ll feel valued, appreciated and genuinely see that you’ve considered their happiness by investing in them, as they have done in your big day.

9. Prosecco Fountain

In the spirit of drinking, a Prosecco fountain would be very popular with guests! Visualise Prosecco glasses layer upon layer in the shape of a pyramid with Prosecco flowing down to fill each glass. In some ways, this is a cost effective way to provide alcohol whilst already knowing what your final bill will be.

10. Ice Cream Cart or Fruit Fondue

Not all of your guests will drink alcohol. So it’s important that these guests are catered to also. Depending on the weather and time of year of your wedding, an ice cream cart or fruit fondue table will add the X-factor you’ve been looking for! Choose to include milk or white chocolate dipping sauce to your fruit choices as a yummy touch of indulgence. You can also provide your own Pick n Mix selection of sweets and sauces for your guests to jazz up their own ice cream cones.

10 Tips to make an Unforgettable Wedding for your guests 17

Whatever you decide to do, remember to plan and plan well. Consider the items that represent you best and prioritise getting these things sorted first on your To Do List. Happy planning!

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  1. Its good to know that some unforgettable weddings were planned with the smallest of details in mind. My brother is trying to throw the best wedding for himself and he was wondering how he can make it unforgettable for his fiancee and everyone attending. I’ll let him know to pay attention to the small details of the wedding to make it unforgettable.

  2. I love how you talked about transport to the venue and making sure that you arrive in style. My son is getting married and we are looking at our options of transportation for guests. These tips will be useful in our search for a professional.


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