DIY: Pretty Blooms Wedding Program Paddle Fan

This free paddle fan program printable, exclusive to Sweet Violet Bride, is blooming at the seams. A paddle fan is a fun way to incorporate your ceremony details while serving double duty as it can keep your guests cool during a warm garden ceremony! Anna of Download & Print designed this pretty and romantic fan with flowers in reds and pinks. Follow the steps below to customize and create these fans at home for your wedding. Enjoy!

What you’ll need to make this project:

Step #1
Download the template and open in MS Word. Add your ceremony and bridal party details. You can change the formatting and fonts, but stay within the trim lines. Print the template on 8.5 x 11” card stock. I find 67lb paper works best as most home printers can handle the weight just fine, and it is heavy enough to give a professional feel to your DIY project.

Step #2
With the non-blade point of an X-acto knife and a ruler, score the program down the center fold. Scoring makes for a straight fold. Fold the program in half to make a booklet.

Step #3
Using a paper trimmer or scissors, trim the three outer edges of the program, being careful not to cut along the fold line.

Adhere double sided tape to both sides of the fan stick, and the reverse side of program. Tape works better than glue as it won’t leave a soggy mark on your paper.

Line up the fan stick in the middle of the bottom edge of the program. Fold the program over the fan handle and press for good adhesion.

Dress up the fan handles with ribbon, I think gold finishes the project off nicely. Another idea is to spray paint the handles an accent color. Paint them before taping them to the program so as not to get paint on your paper.

HINT: To speed up the assembly process, create a production line. Recruit friends and family to help with the project, and have one person score and fold, another trim, and another tape and press. Make an afternoon of it and have fun with the creative process! At the end when you admire your handiwork you’ll be rewarded and satisfied at having tackled a DIY project.

Anna Skye offers wedding templates on her website Download & Print to help DIY Brides create their own invitations, rsvp cards, and programs.


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      Shalanda, It is meant to be printed on a standard 8.5×11 cardstock so it would mess it up if you were to expand the image. My suggestion if you want to make the fan larger is to insert a bigger rectangle between the two sheets when gluing it all together (maybe so that it extends by an inch around all sides).

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    Katie Williamson says

    I have downloaded this template, but the colors of the flowers appear faded compared to the appearance on the website. They also appear this way in print preview. How can I make the color of the flowers pop more?

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      Hi Katie, Sorry to hear that. I’m not sure. It might be the program you are opening it up with? Or your computer/printer? I would ask Anna Skye of Download and Print, she created this tutorial.


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