Backyard DIY Kentucky Wedding {Cassie Lopez Photography}

Lindsay and Aaron, who met in high school, had their relaxed backyard wedding in Sadieville, Kentucky. Their day was filled with beautiful DIY details, blush pink accents, and a grassy aisle between a creek and a grove of trees. Hay bale seating with homemade quilts welcomed their guests with country charm. Their reception area was surrounded by woodland beauty and featured not one but three delicious naked cakes complete with berries and blooms on rustic tree stands. Wouldn’t you love to have a cake like that!? They finished out the night with dancing and a bonfire under the stars. Thank you Cassie Lopez Photography for sharing these photos and congrats to the lovely couple! Read below for more details and their savvy wedding planning advice.

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From the Groom…

Before the Ring:
Although we went to the same high school growing up, we really didn’t meet until we worked at McDonald’s together. At the time both of us were dating other people. A while went on where we would talk about our current relationships and how unfulfilling they were. After some time I (Aaron) broke up with my girlfriend and decided that this Lindsay girl was really something special. I told her that if she ever dumped her loser boyfriend to give me a call.

After several hours spent over several weeks of after work talk we decided to date when Lindsay’s relationship ended. As time went on we had many talks and many dates. We grew into love and the rest has still to be written…

Inspiration + Details of the Day:
Lindsay had a country upbringing so naturally we wanted an outdoorsy wedding. We loved all the color that comes with fall and it was 9 months after I proposed in January. Some of our ideas were borrowed from others and some were stolen from Pinterest, but ultimately Lindsay was the mastermind behind the magic.

Most Memorable Moments:
One of my favorite moments was watching Lindsay being led off of the tractor that her and her dad restored together, then proceeding to walk down the aisle toward me. Another would be the comic relief that our Pug offered during the ceremony. He was very cute in his little bow tie. Ultimately, it would have to be the love that we felt when we were surrounded by everyone we cared about watching us start the rest of our lives together.

Advice to Couples in the Planning Process:
There is so much advice we could give. One would be to create a budget and stick to it. Remember that at the end of the day its memories, not money spent, that is important. A cheaper wedding can be just as beautiful or, maybe even more so, than one where you break your budget.

Another thing would be to remember that your wedding is about you and your soon-to-be spouse. Don’t stress out over making everyone else happy. Your wedding should be a combination of what each of you wants. NOT all of your guests. You can’t make everyone happy.

Also, develop a schedule of when everything will get done leading up to your wedding and STICK TO IT. Nothing is more stressful than skipping deadlines and then rushing to get everything figured out. Also try to have almost everything done before a week before. You’ll need that last week to breathe and relax (and catch up on last minute things you forgot).

Have a back-up plan for as much as you can. Options make you feel secure in case something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it. Finally, Have Fun!! Likely, not everything will happen according to plan the day of. Who cares? In the grand scheme of things, your day is about starting your life with someone you love. Have fun with each other and don’t stress the little things.


Photographer: Cassie Lopez Photography / Venue: Private Residence / All details: DIY

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Claire Pettibone’s Fall 2015 Couture Bridal Collection

Get ready for some serious beauty. Claire Pettibone’s fall 2015 Couture Bridal Collection “Gothic Angel” is cause for procrastinating whatever it is you’re doing. Take a look at these gowns fresh off the runway – these photos were taken at NY Bridal Fashion week this month. I’ve included several angles with each design for you to drool over because they are just so detailed and sublime, which I suppose is no surprise since they are inspired by Gothic cathedrals such as Notre Dame, Westminster Abey, Milan and St. Patricks…here’s what Claire has to say about her new collection:

“The Gothic cathedral imparts a majesty and splendor designed to enlighten and inspire mankind. Glimpse heavenly skies through intricate stained glass windows, while silver and gilded gold impart opulence beyond our dreams. Ornate facades, and intricate beaded glass and carvings are interpreted into French lace and silk embroidery.The iconic angel comes to life, not on the feathered wings of an imagined future, but here and now, as powerful and beautiful woman welcoming us to Heaven on Earth.”

Claire Pettibone 2015 Angelica
Claire Pettibone 2015 Basilica
Claire Pettibone 2015 Celestine
Claire Pettibone 2015 Chapelle
Claire Pettibone 2015 Eden
Claire Pettibone 2015 Elizabeth
Claire Pettibone 2015 Emanuel
Claire Pettibone 2015 Eternity
Claire Pettibone 2015 Evangeline
Claire Pettibone 2015 Florence
Claire Pettibone 2015 Michaela
Claire Pettibone 2015 Notredame
Claire Pettibone 2015 Raphaella
Claire Pettibone 2015 Trinity
Claire Pettibone 2015 Uriel


Images: Courtesy of Claire Pettibone / Make-up: Kevyn Aucoin / Hair: Prive Salon

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Night Owl Paper Goods’ 2014 Personalized Holiday Cards

Holiday cards? But it isn’t even Halloween I can hear some of you saying! I know, I know, but really this is the perfect time to start thinking about them so you aren’t rushing at the last minute. The holidays will be here before you know it and you can have peace of mind not only that it is one thing checked off this season’s to-do list, but that you’re also making an eco-friendly choice with Night Owl Paper Goods. This amazing company, which you’ve heard me rave about before, is offering Sweet Violet Bride readers 20% off all personalized holiday card orders through October 31, 2014 with coupon code SHINE2014. And to make it even sweeter, they’re also offering free domestic shipping on all orders $49+.


Inspired by nature, these cards are custom printed on eco-friendly, sustainably-harvested birch wood and are available in a new larger size, more ornament shapes and more back designs! Whether you’re looking for traditional, modern, whimsical or adorable, they offer a variety of designs to help you express your unique style. You can view all of their selections and information in the Personalized Holiday Cards category of their online stationery shop.

My husband and I sent out holiday cards printed by Night Owl Paper Goods last year and people absolutely loved them. There is nothing quite like the beauty of a loving holiday message printed on birch! Here are a few of the designs I’m loving this year…

800x0-6040-wood-front-d 800x0-6245-wood-front-d 800x0-6247-wood-front-d 800x0-6173-wood-front-d

What makes Night Owl Paper Goods’ Personalized Holiday Cards so unique?

  • NEW! Larger size standard cards, more ornament shapes and more back designs than ever before.
  • Choose from 200 modern-yet-folksy designs, custom-printed on sustainably-harvested birch wood. All designs also available on budget-friendly FSC certified paper.
  • Quick and easy personalization! Simply add your own greeting, photo, photos or logo and let our professional graphic designers do the rest.
  • 12 unique back options: 2015 Calendar, Photo, Text, Festive Patterns, Faux Walnut, Postcard & more
  • One-of-a-kind ornament cards: Gingerbread, Angel, Reindeer, Otters, Birds, Dove, Bulb & Scalloped Round
  • Envelopes contain 30-100% recycled post-consumer waste.
  • All Night Owl Paper Goods products are handmade in the USA.

If your photos aren’t ready or you’re not quite sure what to say yet, you can place your order now to take advantage of the current specials, and then send your photos and/or text later. They’ll keep your order open until you’re ready. How’s that for holiday cheer! Or, if you have your own holiday card card design (you creative little elf!), they can even print it on wood for you. Learn more about this option in their Print Shop.

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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