All White Wedding Cakes

A white cake makes a statement. It creates a blank canvas, so-to-speak, on which texture takes rein. The following cakes I’ve collected here as inspiration, showcase a supreme display of artful textures from some of the best sugar artists in the country. Like snowflakes, these cakes are examples of how pure white can evoke a beauty like no other color through the play of shadow and light. Though these cakes are perfectly fitting for winter weddings, I think they make an artfully elegant addition to celebrations any time of year.

floral white wedding cake

1) Lulu Cake Boutique  2-4) Maggie Austen Cake  5) Wendy Kromer  6) Lulu Cake Boutique  7) A White Cake  8) Camille Styles  9) Ron Ben-Israel  10) Lulu Cake Boutique  11) Le Blossoms  12) Lulu Cake Boutique

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